Continuously from 1799.

We have created a new face of Europa Hotel, which on the foundations of many years’ tradition that dates back to 1799, became a place where typical Polish hospitality and European standard are being cultivated. We have experience and knowledge of our predecessors, which is necessary to ensure comfort, convenience and discretion.

Our hotel is located in cultural and business centre of the city Kalisz. From Europa Hotel windows you may admire the street that was named the most beautiful one as well as theatre dated back to the second half of 19th century, surrounded by one of the biggest park in Wielkopolska.

Highly qualified personnel will take care about professional service and friendly atmosphere. For our regular guests we have a special price offer. Possibility of negotiating prices in case of longer stays. Our hotel is guest friendly and we do our best to fulfill our guests’ expectations and make them visit us again.

Brasserie Warka

Pub Restauracyjny Warka to więcej niż restauracja, to więcej niż elegancka piwiarnia. To doskonałe połączenie, które cechuje szyk, elegancja, wytworny bar oraz smaczne, różnorodne menu.

Bogate doświadczenie Hotelu Europa w najstarszym polskim mieście uosabia teraz również wszystko, co najlepsze w restauratorstwie i w kuchni naszego kontynentu. W karcie dań odnajdą Państwo wyszukane smaki kuchni śródziemnomorskiej oraz popisowe polskie kompozycje kulinarne. Wśród napojów szczególnie polecamy piwo Warka oraz wyszukane drinki.

Pub Manager
Warka restaurant

Tomasz Bednarek
Phone: 62 767 20 33
Mobile: +48 533 451 006

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10% discount
for guest hotel

At the guests’ request, we organize special events and business meetings.

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and training

Modern, air-conditioned conference rooms with seats for: 20, 50 and 100 guests.


Renata Błaszczyk
Phone: 62 757 00 94

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Sala kinowa
Odwrócona podkowa
Rezerwacja sali

Renata Błaszczyk
Tel. 62 757 00 94